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The Tomorrow Awards is an international award show dedicated to discovering, showcasing and awarding creativity that pushes the boundaries of technological innovation. Since the very best examples of such work are those that defy standard award show categories, the Tomorrow Awards is category-neutral. All entries are judged side by side and only the ideas that best reflect the future shine brightest.

Interview: ‘Voices of the Future // Snorre Martinsen’

‘Voices of the Future asks the Industry Judges who will be forming the Tomorrow Awards shortlist for their opinions on innovation, creativity, and what it takes to be a part of the future. Crystal ball not included.


What is your definition of true innovation? What kind of work excites you most?

Great innovation needs to be intrinsically relevant. What I’ll be looking for while judging the Tomorrow Awards is work that isn’t innovative for innovation’s sake. You need solid creativity that truly resonates with the core idea, delivered expertly through great storytelling and execution.

What do you think is the most promising technology or innovation on the horizon, in your particular industry or more broadly? Why?

From a health perspective it’d have to be mobile and wearable tech. There’s a ton of untapped potential here, and — beyond the fear of a superior cyborg race — I don’t think there’s any reason we won’t see everyone from engineers to art departments really pushing for mass market integration of their concepts at a much faster pace than ever before.’

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